Finding Your Work-Life Balance

by Koby Uhrig

Are you feeling mentally strained by one of the busiest times of the year? The kids are fresh out of school, your family vacation is a month away, and the work days only seem to get longer. How are you able to manage an increase in workload while maintaining a healthy home life? You may be feeling increased pressure to spend time with your family and do your part to provide for them, and J&M Strategic Consulting is here to help you.

Balance is one of the core principles outlined within J&M’s Vision & Values. J&M values the time you dedicate to your work, and we believe you should be rewarded with some quality time outside of the office focused on family, community, and faith. With that in mind, here are a few tips for establishing a healthy work/life balance.

  1. Prioritize.
    What does your upcoming week or month look like? Create a calendar and make a note of any big deadlines forthcoming. Include important personal events, such as planned family dinners or your nephew’s hockey game next weekend. Determine whether that networking event that your coworker invited you to is worth it. Could you use that time to review for your upcoming presentation or perhaps prep dinners for the week? Be realistic with your expectations so that you are not causing yourself to experience burnout.
  2. Establish boundaries.
    Communication is critical in any relationship. Do you feel as if you are being overworked? Sometimes, overtime is necessary to ensure the quality of work is nothing short of excellent. Mentally, you need to know when it is time to take a step back and refresh. Let your boss know that you value balance between work and life. At J&M, we believe that your work should not interfere with your personal life, and vice versa. If either is causing enhanced stress on the other, it may be time to step away and focus on something fresh.
  3. Self-assessment.
    What does your balance look like? The best way to tell if your are in balance is to take a step back and assess your work and home happiness. Ask your significant other if they notice any changes. To stay in balance determine what keeps you in balance, and focus on what is healthy for you.

J&M believes it is important for you to be the best professional and individual that you can be as this summer takes flight. Prioritize your schedule, establish boundaries at home and at work, and reassess how you are spending your time to maximize your productivity. Summer is a time of warm, lasting memories, and we encourage you to savor every one. Follow these guidelines to experience a healthy work/life balance that will leave you and your family in a better place.