5 Qualities of an Effective Manager

by Michael Guberman

Good managers, in any industry, are hard to come by.  Every company wants the manager who is respected by their peers, brings out the best in their subordinates and always has the company’s best interests at heart.  Unfortunately, these types of managers do not grow on trees, but through our years of managerial experience, the consultants at J&M have devised a list of qualities that any effective manager needs to be successful.

They Radiate Positivity

An effective manager needs to remain positive, no matter the situation. Very few projects go exactly according to plan, and it is the manager’s responsibility to keep workplace morale high when their team is faced with adversity. Positivity in the workplace is infectious and as a manager, your team will use your attitude to set the tone for the office.

They’re Knowledgeable

Fake it ‘til you make it does not apply.  A sturdy knowledge base of the company’s practices and technical tools is essential for an effective manager.  Team members look to a manager to help them through roadblocks and not having the knowledge and skill to navigate your team back on track can undermine the confidence they have in you.

They are Decisive when Necessary

Managers need to make key decisions that have a great effect on the company.  It is necessary that an effective manager takes the time to weigh the pros and cons with the information given, then make a decision that benefits the company most and stick to it.  If subordinates see indecision within management, it can blur the lines of what the project goals are, creating more indecision down the ladder.

They Set Ego Aside

When a member of the team establishes a good idea, the manager needs to understand that when one wins, they all win.  Setting ego and personal gain aside for the good of the company is one of the most important qualities a manager can have.  It is important to not feel threatened, but empowered by the successes of your team members.  After all, they are a reflection of your leadership capabilities.

They are Respectful

No matter the position, everyone within the hierarchy of a company adds value.  Whether you believe an individual is presenting good or sub-par work, it is key to remain respectful and not dismissive of your subordinates.  When team members feel respected and empowered by their superiors, there is a far greater likelihood of having a mutually respectful work environment.  That being said, a manager must always be truthful when providing feedback or criticism.

At J&M, our consultants are committed to providing excellence in leadership as we strive to exceed expectations put forth at the beginning of every new project. With over 100 years of combined experience, Our Team is ready to guide your next project to its peak.