It’s SchrammerTime at J&M Strategic Consulting

J&M Strategic Consulting is pleased to welcome Scott Schramm as our new Wellness Coordinator!  Scott is an at-home personal trainer who has been working with Jen and Mike since the beginning of the year. In that time, Scott has delivered results while displaying a mentality that falls in line with J&M’s Vision & Values. According to Vice President Mike Dodge, “it didn’t take long to realize Scott would be a good fit with our culture and that he had something to offer our team.”

In addition to keeping J&M fit, Scott owns SchrammerTime Fitness providing personal training in the Pittsburgh area and fitness programs for everyone. Scott’s motto of Train Hard, Get Smart, and Have Fun Doing It reflects his approach to improving his clients’ fitness. We’re excited to apply Scott’s motto to the J&M team.

Feel free to check out his website,, to learn more about J&M’s newest member and read his incredible story.  Please join us in welcoming Scott to our team.

J&M to Attend Elevation Outcry Tour in Pittsburgh

by Koby Uhrig

At J&M, we believe the one thing that sets us apart is our people.  Creating a custom IT strategy is only a small piece of the pie that represents our success and reputation.  Our team completes that pie by fulfilling J&M’s vision & values in everything that we do.

Each month, we take the necessary time to review how our team is tracking towards J&M’s goals while upholding the vision & values.  Faith in the workplace is part of that discussion.  Our J&M team members review a given sermon once a month, and relate it to the business.  The focus is solely on important life lessons that can be used at a personal level or at the business level.

Now, faith is a topic that can sometimes cause an uproar or a sense of uneasiness within conversation.  I, personally, have never been open about it but have always respected everyone’s beliefs.  Whether I am involved in J&M’s conversations or not, I am always able to take something away that leaves me with something to work on personally.  That’s what it is all about.  At J&M, we don’t stop at creating better businesses.  We create better people.

“You know, many people believe that faith in the workplace is a no-no,” Jen Dodge states.  “We provide an optional, flexible, no pressure learning experience for our employees to share…no matter what their faith is.  Today, one of our employees told us that she feels she’s stepped up her faith due to those sessions.  Watching your employees grow is such a great feeling.”

Jen, Cheryl, Linda, and Natalie of the J&M team will be enjoying their “ladies night” one week from today, May 2nd, at the Elevation Outcry Tour at PPG Paints Arena in downtown Pittsburgh, PA.  We invite you to join them in a celebration of faith including live music, readings, and more.  For additional information on the event, including other cities and dates, visit their website.  Join J&M in the discussion and help create a better you!

Account Executive Opportunity with J&M


J&M Strategic Consulting is looking for an Account Executive responsible for outside sales. This is a national sales position, with preference that the person is based out Ohio or Pennsylvania. Focus will be on selling consulting services including assessments, road mapping, implementation, process improvement and organizational analysis. This candidate must come with existing relationships, leads and a book of business not subject to existing non-compete agreements. The compensation package includes salary plus a generous commission, uncommon to the IT industry. Other benefits include health insurance, simple IRA match as well as other potential bonus earnings.


  • Identify leads, manage prospects and acquire new business.
  • Build relationship with potential clients.
  • Work closely with marketing to prepare material for sales calls.
  • Partner with recruiting to place consultants.
  • Prepare and deliver weekly sales status.
  • Expanding existing relationships.


  • Uphold J&M Strategic Consulting Vision and Values.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Must be self-motivated and able to work independently to meet or exceed goals.
  • Must be organized with good time management skills.
  • Possess proven analytical/problem solving solutions for the customer and the company.
  • Experience in developing and executing territory sales strategies.
  • Possess strong presentation, negotiation, and closing skills.
  • Must have reliable transportation.


  • Proven outstanding sales track record.
  • Legally eligible to work in the United States.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business preferred.
  • Minimum 5 years selling consulting services.

Are your meetings costing you money?

by Koby Uhrig

An email recently circulated through J&M about meeting etiquette and recognizing the importance of being focused on the preparation and structure of a business meeting.  Every business reviews its policies and expectations for meetings, but how do you maximize productivity in a business meeting?  Time is valuable to any business, so it is important to have all attendees on the same page.

Obviously, effective communication is critical to a business meeting, and this starts in the meeting’s development stage.  Every attendee is responsible for understanding the purpose in order to enhance the overall effectiveness of the meeting.

We’ve talked so much in the past about the direct impact relationships have on business and communication.  These relationships can really drive the productivity of the meeting.  In addition to preparing for the content that will be discussed, it is key to get to know everyone that will be at the meeting.  An email could be sent out with a brief background of yourself for others to get to know you.  Or, better yet, arrive early.  This shows you are prepared, ready to go, and provides an opportunity to mingle with someone you do not know or have not worked with before.

While relationships can keep a conversation going, it is ultimately up to the attendees to be heard.  Meetings are set up to reach a common goal or to discuss a given topic within the company.  They are created so that everyone involved has the ability to provide input.  It is one thing to check into the meeting, but it is another to participate.  When invited to a meeting, you are expected to reveal any questions or concerns so the entire team is on the same page and can exceed the common goal.

Our president, Jen Dodge, once saved a project over $7,000 a week by making the following suggestions to the Project Sponsor in regards to recurring meetings:

>> Meetings are meant for collaboration only; information sharing should be through email, SharePoint, Corporate Information Sharing vehicles.

>> Agenda and purpose must be clear; parking lot all discussions that don’t contribute to the purpose.

>>Do your homework prior to the meeting; Organizer should set alerts to remind them about their homework.

>> Leadership should not tolerate late or unprepared attendees; lead by example.

>>Invite only the necessary resources; the FYI resources should be copied on the meeting minutes.


J&M has experience working with many different companies that employ people of all different backgrounds.  When taking on a new challenge, we take the necessary time to thoroughly understand the business and the people we are working with.  This perpetuates successful meetings in the short term and extraordinary results in the long term.  Build your company’s working relationship with J&M today.

Happy New Year?

It’s officially transition time for your business.  You are nearing the end of your fiscal year and want to gain some momentum as the new fiscal year opens.  So how do you stay on track and lead your business to success as the fiscal year changes?  It is important to track progress made in the past year and build on it moving forward.  At J&M, we are here to help this process.  We offer a number of services directed at guiding your team along the correct path as you embark on the new fiscal year.

  • Complete assessment
  • Plotting a roadmap
  • Resource management
  • Organizational readiness

With over 100 years of combined experience, J&M Strategic Consulting knows what it takes to ensure long term success.  We value your time and resources just as much as you do and will create a custom strategy guaranteed to be unique for your business.  J&M has all the tools to assess your company’s readiness to turn the corner.

One of our goals at J&M with every new challenge is to exceed your expectations.  That is why we take the necessary time to perform a complete assessment of your business to discover what is working and where you can improve.  An assessment can be a very useful tool at the change of a fiscal year as our team analyzes your resource management and will provide any recommendations to efficiently complete upcoming projects.  This allows us to construct a roadmap towards success for the upcoming fiscal year, and J&M will start you out on the right foot.

At J&M, we are committed to guiding your team down the right path towards success in the new fiscal year.  Our experienced consultants have all the tools you need to make this transition a smooth one.  Check out what we have done for other businesses on our testimonials page.  We wish you all the best in your next fiscal year.

J&M to Sponsor Give Pack Golf Classic

We are extremely proud to announce that J&M Strategic Consulting will be the official Raider Blue & Black sponsor for the Give Pack Golf Classic on Monday, June 19th at Cranberry Highlands Golf Course.  Hosted by Victory Family Church, the Give Pack Golf Classic is a fundraising event that benefits underprivileged K-12 students in the Seneca Valley and Ellwood City school districts.

Give Pack is an outreach of Giving Back to Cranberry Township, a nonprofit organization that strives to improve the lives of people living in Cranberry Township and surrounding communities.  According to their president Matt Gates, “one in every eight Seneca Valley students are currently on a free and reduced lunch program.”  All proceeds for the event will provide these students with backpacks full of school supplies that they cannot afford on their own.

At J&M, we strive to uphold our vision & values in everything that we do.  We view this sponsorship as a perfect opportunity to show who we are outside of the business setting.  It has always been our passion to go above and beyond when helping people and inspire them to become leaders of their own.

J&M is not only serving the community, but we are building relationships with excellent people that share similar values.  This opportunity is an honor for our company and we are taking our role in the event very seriously.  We encourage you to join us in supporting this great cause.

J&M Adds Ted Rasbach as Facilities Intern

J&M Strategic Consulting is delighted to welcome Ted Rasbach to the team as our new Facilities Intern.  Ted has completed multiple subpar painting projects in the past for J&M, so this unpaid position provides an excellent opportunity for both Ted and the business to grow.  While the rest of our team handles the important parts of the business, Ted will be there to keep our office looking interesting and provide us with snacks when we ask, given his background as a flight attendant.

In his free time, Ted enjoys fat cats, visiting his daughter in New York, leaving his grill’s gas on, and drinking boxed wine.  One of his favorite hobbies is playing bad music at the local bar that nobody but himself appreciates.  Ted will make our office an exciting place to be.  At the ripe age of 50, he is sure to keep us laughing.

Happy April Fool’s Day, Ted!

Location Location Location


We’ve all heard that location is critical to a successful business. While this is still true in some industries, most of our jobs can be done remotely. Being able to build a working relationship is more important than sitting in the same building.  In today’s technology driven world, it is cost effective to use online resources to enhance relationships with new and old clients.  J&M believes in the benefits of working with people remotely and creating healthy, long-term business relationships.

No matter the size or type of project, J&M is committed to leveraging its core values to help you succeed.  We want to maximize productivity and over deliver results.  That’s why we take the necessary time to assess all parts of the project.  When working with your business, we ensure that your standards are met and goals are reached.  You likely have multiple assignments ongoing at the same time.  J&M can simplify your business activities by setting a clear path for your entire team on a specific project, completely based on your needs.

Managing a portfolio of multiple projects at one time can make for a hectic workplace and a limited budget.  You may not have complete resources on-site to be able to successfully close out a project, and that’s okay.  J&M will take this into consideration while assessing your needs for the project at hand.  Our experienced consultants can provide you with a convenient off-site plan to please your budget with the same commitment guarantee.  This allows you additional access to resources and connection to a member of our team at the touch of a button.

Here are some of our recent success stories while working off-site with clients:

  • Completely remote
    • J&M upgraded a global network as part of managed services.
  • Remote preparation, on-site execution
    • J&M executed a desktop migration remotely and completed a cutover on-site.
  • Half remote
    • J&M designed an internal rebate web site for a marketing agency.

We have many more examples that we would be happy to discuss. You can see how past clients have reviewed J&M on our Testimonials page.  We are extremely proud of these clients’ views of our company, and some of them originated from remote projects.  In fact, some of our most effective results have spawned from remote work.  We can work with you remotely all the way through a project, or until you request our on-site attention.

Flexible Project Sourcing Model

Jake GoalieIf you have read our blogs or visited our website, you know that hockey is a big part of J&M Strategic Consulting.  Just like a goalie in hockey, flexibility is key to our performance.  Lately, we’ve been having a lot of conversations at J&M about how effective we have been for our clients when we are contracted for on demand project consulting. In as little as 4 or as much as 30 hours per week, we have successfully achieved, no, we have exceeded client expectations.  Effectively sourcing your projects can be the difference between achieving business goals and coming up short.

Here are some examples:

  • strategic reorganization of a state government agency
    • 12 hrs per week project manager
  • upgraded a global network as part of managed services
    • 6 hrs per week project manager
  • prepared for a desktop migration then three weeks on site for cutover
    • 20 hrs per week project manager
  • improved CRM processes for sales
    • 16 hrs per week business analyst
  • tested new government website for seeing impaired
    • 4 hrs per week tester
  • marketing and consumer database assessments
    • 6 hrs per week engagement manager
  • migrate Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 and acquisition infrastructure
    • 30 hrs per week program manager
  • design internal rebate web site for marketing
    • 20 hrs per week business analyst

This is a small sample of custom engagements that provided our clients incredible value for the time and money spent on our services. The Flexible Project Sourcing Model is useful for your business when facing multiple deadlines on several different projects.

As part of J&M’s initial assessment, we will evaluate your project goals and determine the right fit for you.  This will allow us to create a custom strategy specifically for your company.  With over 100 years of combined IT experience, our team has the tools and flexibility needed to establish an effective working relationship with your business.

  • Our agreement will be customized based on your needs, not a 40-hour work week
  • There will be clarity in terms of expectations
  • Most of our resources work remotely, eliminating unnecessary travel expenses

At J&M, we want to do what is best for your business by catering to your needs.  Our Method details how valued we are with regards to efficiency and workload.  We understand that time and budget are two of your company’s most valuable assets.  J&M will work with you to assess your needs, and establish a partnership based on our Flexible Project Sourcing Model that is both time and cost effective. Allow J&M to deliver the extraordinary service you expect and place your business on a path to success.  See what other clients have said about us here.


Peggy Langholdt Joins J&M Strategic Consulting


Peggy brings over 20 years of Office Management experience to J&M Strategic Consulting.  Managing, growing, and expanding businesses, talent acquisition, budgeting, forecasting and daily execution are just part of her career accomplishments.  “Managing the firms accounting practice cannot be overstated as a key enabler for growth,” said Peggy Langholdt.

“Peggy joining the team brings us to another level of maturity,” said Jen Dodge.  “Her attention to detail, while being a world class customer service person is what brought us together.”

Outside of work, Peggy enjoys spending time with her family and friends; having 6 children and 1 puppy make for a very busy life.  She is an avid Cubs fan who loves spending time cooking and baking for the people she cares so much about.