Flexible Project Sourcing Model

Jake GoalieIf you have read our blogs or visited our website, you know that hockey is a big part of J&M Strategic Consulting.  Just like a goalie in hockey, flexibility is key to our performance.  Lately, we’ve been having a lot of conversations at J&M about how effective we have been for our clients when we are contracted for on demand project consulting. In as little as 4 or as much as 30 hours per week, we have successfully achieved, no, we have exceeded client expectations.  Effectively sourcing your projects can be the difference between achieving business goals and coming up short.

Here are some examples:

  • strategic reorganization of a state government agency
    • 12 hrs per week project manager
  • upgraded a global network as part of managed services
    • 6 hrs per week project manager
  • prepared for a desktop migration then three weeks on site for cutover
    • 20 hrs per week project manager
  • improved CRM processes for sales
    • 16 hrs per week business analyst
  • tested new government website for seeing impaired
    • 4 hrs per week tester
  • marketing and consumer database assessments
    • 6 hrs per week engagement manager
  • migrate Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 and acquisition infrastructure
    • 30 hrs per week program manager
  • design internal rebate web site for marketing
    • 20 hrs per week business analyst

This is a small sample of custom engagements that provided our clients incredible value for the time and money spent on our services. The Flexible Project Sourcing Model is useful for your business when facing multiple deadlines on several different projects.

As part of J&M’s initial assessment, we will evaluate your project goals and determine the right fit for you.  This will allow us to create a custom strategy specifically for your company.  With over 100 years of combined IT experience, our team has the tools and flexibility needed to establish an effective working relationship with your business.

  • Our agreement will be customized based on your needs, not a 40-hour work week
  • There will be clarity in terms of expectations
  • Most of our resources work remotely, eliminating unnecessary travel expenses

At J&M, we want to do what is best for your business by catering to your needs.  Our Method details how valued we are with regards to efficiency and workload.  We understand that time and budget are two of your company’s most valuable assets.  J&M will work with you to assess your needs, and establish a partnership based on our Flexible Project Sourcing Model that is both time and cost effective. Allow J&M to deliver the extraordinary service you expect and place your business on a path to success.  See what other clients have said about us here.


Peggy Langholdt Joins J&M Strategic Consulting


Peggy brings over 20 years of Office Management experience to J&M Strategic Consulting.  Managing, growing, and expanding businesses, talent acquisition, budgeting, forecasting and daily execution are just part of her career accomplishments.  “Managing the firms accounting practice cannot be overstated as a key enabler for growth,” said Peggy Langholdt.

“Peggy joining the team brings us to another level of maturity,” said Jen Dodge.  “Her attention to detail, while being a world class customer service person is what brought us together.”

Outside of work, Peggy enjoys spending time with her family and friends; having 6 children and 1 puppy make for a very busy life.  She is an avid Cubs fan who loves spending time cooking and baking for the people she cares so much about.

Have your projects been successful?


Many businesses have processes on how to prioritize their projects.  These processes rely on levers like Return on Investment (ROI) to determine where time and resources will be spent.  When initiating a project, it is common for a business to estimate their ROI.  How do you know if that estimation is accurate?  How can ROI be measured as the project progresses?  Once a project is completed, is it important to continue to track its ROI?  Successful businesses input metrics into their portfolios to track ROI even after a project is closed.

Although business metrics help measure success, most project plans do not include metrics.  Most projects are considered successful when they are closed.  Completing a project on time and on budget is great, but the value to the business is just starting.  Continued tracking of metrics will allow a business to measure project success.

Within portfolios, businesses should have plans to not only get the project done, but also keep track of their metrics.  Effective planning will lead to future success.  A business needs to establish metrics in their project plans that are both measurable and meaningful.  Ideally, tracking can be automated.  If not the project manager needs to make sure the measurements are completed.  Periodically, the project manager should report on the metrics post-closure to track ROI.  J&M can help define and measure value of your projects.  Understanding that each project is unique, Our Method explains more about how we approach helping you measure successful projects.  Please visit our Testimonials page to see what our customers say about us.

When a project is completed, it does not mark the end of its life.  Companies should continue to use ROI in prioritization as it is a key factor in lasting success.  At J&M we deliver on our promises.  By including ROI in project estimation, you are making a promise to the business.  Delivering on that promise includes measuring of and reporting on metrics.

J&M Welcomes Koby Uhrig as Social Media Consultant


Jen Dodge knew when she met 8-year-old Koby at The Beaver County Ice Rink, that Koby would be an over achiever. “Koby was different than most of his peer hockey players. Don’t get me wrong, he was a goof ball like the rest of them, but was more mature than the other kids. He showed a mature wit in his sense of humor and most people missed his jokes.” By the time he was 12 he already had acquired his hockey officiating certification and reffed his first game in November 2007. “Mike and I have been talking about hiring him for two years or so and wanted to wait for the right timing. We are very excited for what he brings to the team.”

Koby Uhrig is joining J&M Strategic Consultants, Inc. as our Social Media Consultant.  Koby has over two years of professional experience in managing social networks, and is pursuing a communications degree at Bowling Green State University.  He provides our team with the necessary knowledge and experience to enhance J&M’s reach across all social media platforms.

Koby joined the social media team of BGSU Hockey in January 2016, introducing fresh personality and content to the page along with live tweeting Falcon hockey games.  Since joining, the page has increased followers by about 18%, and is expected to surpass 7,000 followers this season.

Away from J&M, Koby works gameday operations for both the National Football League and the Pittsburgh Pirates.  As a Television Timeout Coordinator for the NFL in Pittsburgh, he communicates on the field with league and game officials on the timing and execution of media timeouts.  For the Pirates, he works home games as a 50/50 vendor in their gameday operations department.

At J&M, we are committed to our vision and values that set us apart from other consulting firms.  Koby will enhance our online presence and allow us to build a strong network via his passion and determination to be great.  His ability to balance multiple projects and schedules at once show his commitment to success and we are honored to have him on our team.


Welcome Terry Langholdt to J&M

J&M Strategic Consulting is pleased that Terry Langholdt has joined our team as a Strategic Consultant. Terry believes that information technology should be a compliment to your business, not a hurdle. Terry brings 30 years of experience in the IT field. He has seen many generations of programming and systems that comprise the majority of today’s landscape and has a unique point of view in being able to see the value of each stage of adoption.

“Big IT is for all companies, not just for large corporations.  It should be a service that is available and valuable for each business, no matter what the size.”  Terry’s skills have grown and changed throughout his career, beginning with programming, systems and network administration, spending the last 15 years in Management for a major CPG company.

Being able to speak both business and IT is an essential skill in today’s market place.  Knowing how to leverage systems integration to support business objectives is a market differentiator. Terry sees that having a depth of experience managing people, processes, and technology provides the tools for success. 

J&M Values and Vision are what makes this firm stand out from the sea of consultants out there.  Our commitment to those core ideals is our foundation. According to Jen Dodge, “Terry exemplifies our company’s core values of teamwork and excellence in his personal and work life.”

Growing Without Compromise

At a recent business leadership meeting, one of the common problems brought up was how to continue to grow while staying true to your values. This is a challenge for any business. In consulting, we see a lot of cultural and geographical differences that make this even more challenging. At J&M Strategic Consulting, we believe that these three steps will support our vision and values as we continue to grow.

  1. Make your Vision and Values personal

The Mission page of our web site, , lists our Vision and Values. Our Vision represents six qualities that will help us succeed. Our Values are traits to support our Vision. Jen and Mike have talked about the J&M’s Vision and Values for years. In the past few months these were formalized, possibly over a glass of wine, and published on our web site to provide our story and to let everyone know what to expect when working with J&M, either as an employee, a contractor, or as a client.

  1. Make Vision and Values part of your culture

From the moment we first talk to a potential employee they are introduced to our Vision and Values. We talk about them in every status meeting, every employee review, and at the end of every engagement. We have engrained our Vision and Values into our daily activities to the point that they are second nature.

  1. Hold each other accountable

Our employee review forms and our project closure document both contain sections that measure how we perform against our Vision and Values. This is done for both the employee and J&M leadership. If there are grey areas, they are discussed and action plans are developed to make sure we uphold our Vision and Values to the highest standard.

We also evaluate new work against our Vision and Values. If we get job requirements that we don’t feel match our Vision and Values, we simply turn down the work. This has happened at least three time in the past six months. This may sound like a bad business decision, but we feel we will be more successful and our clients will be more satisfied with our work if our Vision and Values are not compromised.

Linda Vance Joins J&M Strategic Consulting, Inc.

Please join us in welcoming Linda Vance to J&M Strategic Consulting, Inc. as our new Executive Administrator. In this role Linda will be focused on supporting our sales and marketing efforts along with various back office initiatives. Linda brings several years of sales experience and has worked closely with J&M on recent marketing campaigns. “I’m extremely excited about Linda joining our company. She brings energy, hard work, and excellence to the table everyday. She is a role model for all of our employees as she is the epitome of J&M’s Vision & Values,” according to Jen Dodge who has known Linda for 13 years.

Outside of work, Linda enjoys spending time with her family including husband Ken, son Frank, step children Brian and Jen, and grand-daughter Ava. She is a lifelong Pittsburgh resident, avid Steelers fan who also follows the Penguins and New York Rangers. When Linda has time, she also enjoys reading and baking.



Founded in 2004, J&M Strategic Consulting started as a means for a mom to provide a way for her sons, JT & Matt, to live out their hockey dreams.

J&M Mission: Our Journey

Founded in 2004, J&M Strategic Consulting started as a means for a mom to provide a way for her sons, JT & Matt, to live out their hockey dreams. Today, J&M Strategic Consulting has matured from a means to an end to a company with its own goals.

We strive to provide Custom IT for Strategic Results. We base our approach on customers’ needs and provide the right people to succeed. Our consultants bring a high level of integrity and are committed to doing the right things the right way.

Our consultants and employees work in a lively and rewarding environment that provides balance between work, family, community, and faith. J&M is committed to developing leadership, teamwork, and professional excellence for everyone within the company.

Vision: Our Directions

Balance – life is more than a job.

Transparency – there is nothing to hide.

Commitment – deliver on promises.

Teamwork – we succeed together.

Excellence – unsurpassed quality.

Inspire – make everyone better.

Values: Our GPS

Leadership. Faith. Integrity. Passion. Community.

Congratulations to our new Director of Sales

Today is Natalie’s one year anniversary with J&M Strategic Consulting. She has brought a level of professionalism and dedication to success that has helped us define our values as a company. Natalie has driven our social media, accounting, marketing, and sales in the role of Global Brand Manager. We are very proud of Natalie’s accomplishments and her role in growing our company.

That being said, Natalie has chosen to focus on sales. In her new role as Director of Sales she will be focused on expanding our client base and assuring that we have the talent to help our clients succeed. Please join us in congratulating Natalie on her success and wish her good luck in her new role.

Happy New Year!

We know, Happy New Year in October? Right in the middle of annual planning for next year, and somebody is talking about celebrating. They only celebration you care about right now is finishing your plan and catching the next happy hour. It happens every year, strategies are developed, plans are put into place, budgets are completed then they all sit on the shelf until January 2 and projects don’t really get started until mid-February at the earliest.

It doesn’t need to be that way. Now is the perfect time to prepare for all the new endeavors you plan on starting in 2017. You have vendors to select, processes to assess, training to prepare for, project teams to assemble…the list goes on and on.

Ending your year with assessments can jump start your 2017 plan. J&M Strategic Consulting has the experience and skills to help you succeed. Our website explains more about how we can support you on the way to success,