Over $15,000 Raised for Give Pack

On Monday, June 18th, J&M Strategic Consulting participated in the 2018 Give Pack Golf Classic as the name sponsor to help equip economically challenged K-12 students across three school districts with essential school supplies. The 2018 event was the largest in its ten-year history with 108 golfers and dozens of volunteers.

Through our support of Give Pack, J&M has raised over $15,000 towards the cause. In total, host Victory Family Church has received more than $62,000 to purchase backpacks, notebooks, calculators, and more. All in all, proceeds from the event will be used to donate greater than 2,200 backpacks to students in the Seneca Valley, Ambridge, and Ellwood City School Districts.

Give Pack is an outreach of Giving Back to Cranberry Township (501c3), whose goal is to make life easier and provide opportunity for those living in Cranberry Township and the surrounding areas. At J&M, we believe in developing and maintaining an outstanding relationship with the community and are committed to leading others towards opportunity and success. We look forward to upholding our relationship with Give Pack and Victory Family Church and are excited for what is next.

Members of the J&M team will be at Victory Family Church in Cranberry for Seneca Valley backpack distribution on Friday, July 20th and Saturday, July 21st. We will also be on hand at Ambridge Area High School on Thursday, July 26th and Saturday, July 28th to help distribute the supplies to those students.

If you would like more information about Give Pack or about our other charitable initiatives, please visit the Give Pack website or check out our J&M blog. You can also donate to the initiative at any time.

5 Qualities of an Effective Manager

by Michael Guberman

Good managers, in any industry, are hard to come by.  Every company wants the manager who is respected by their peers, brings out the best in their subordinates and always has the company’s best interests at heart.  Unfortunately, these types of managers do not grow on trees, but through our years of managerial experience, the consultants at J&M have devised a list of qualities that any effective manager needs to be successful.

They Radiate Positivity

An effective manager needs to remain positive, no matter the situation. Very few projects go exactly according to plan, and it is the manager’s responsibility to keep workplace morale high when their team is faced with adversity. Positivity in the workplace is infectious and as a manager, your team will use your attitude to set the tone for the office.

They’re Knowledgeable

Fake it ‘til you make it does not apply.  A sturdy knowledge base of the company’s practices and technical tools is essential for an effective manager.  Team members look to a manager to help them through roadblocks and not having the knowledge and skill to navigate your team back on track can undermine the confidence they have in you.

They are Decisive when Necessary

Managers need to make key decisions that have a great effect on the company.  It is necessary that an effective manager takes the time to weigh the pros and cons with the information given, then make a decision that benefits the company most and stick to it.  If subordinates see indecision within management, it can blur the lines of what the project goals are, creating more indecision down the ladder.

They Set Ego Aside

When a member of the team establishes a good idea, the manager needs to understand that when one wins, they all win.  Setting ego and personal gain aside for the good of the company is one of the most important qualities a manager can have.  It is important to not feel threatened, but empowered by the successes of your team members.  After all, they are a reflection of your leadership capabilities.

They are Respectful

No matter the position, everyone within the hierarchy of a company adds value.  Whether you believe an individual is presenting good or sub-par work, it is key to remain respectful and not dismissive of your subordinates.  When team members feel respected and empowered by their superiors, there is a far greater likelihood of having a mutually respectful work environment.  That being said, a manager must always be truthful when providing feedback or criticism.

At J&M, our consultants are committed to providing excellence in leadership as we strive to exceed expectations put forth at the beginning of every new project. With over 100 years of combined experience, Our Team is ready to guide your next project to its peak.

Finding Your Work-Life Balance

by Koby Uhrig

Are you feeling mentally strained by one of the busiest times of the year? The kids are fresh out of school, your family vacation is a month away, and the work days only seem to get longer. How are you able to manage an increase in workload while maintaining a healthy home life? You may be feeling increased pressure to spend time with your family and do your part to provide for them, and J&M Strategic Consulting is here to help you.

Balance is one of the core principles outlined within J&M’s Vision & Values. J&M values the time you dedicate to your work, and we believe you should be rewarded with some quality time outside of the office focused on family, community, and faith. With that in mind, here are a few tips for establishing a healthy work/life balance.

  1. Prioritize.
    What does your upcoming week or month look like? Create a calendar and make a note of any big deadlines forthcoming. Include important personal events, such as planned family dinners or your nephew’s hockey game next weekend. Determine whether that networking event that your coworker invited you to is worth it. Could you use that time to review for your upcoming presentation or perhaps prep dinners for the week? Be realistic with your expectations so that you are not causing yourself to experience burnout.
  2. Establish boundaries.
    Communication is critical in any relationship. Do you feel as if you are being overworked? Sometimes, overtime is necessary to ensure the quality of work is nothing short of excellent. Mentally, you need to know when it is time to take a step back and refresh. Let your boss know that you value balance between work and life. At J&M, we believe that your work should not interfere with your personal life, and vice versa. If either is causing enhanced stress on the other, it may be time to step away and focus on something fresh.
  3. Self-assessment.
    What does your balance look like? The best way to tell if your are in balance is to take a step back and assess your work and home happiness. Ask your significant other if they notice any changes. To stay in balance determine what keeps you in balance, and focus on what is healthy for you.

J&M believes it is important for you to be the best professional and individual that you can be as this summer takes flight. Prioritize your schedule, establish boundaries at home and at work, and reassess how you are spending your time to maximize your productivity. Summer is a time of warm, lasting memories, and we encourage you to savor every one. Follow these guidelines to experience a healthy work/life balance that will leave you and your family in a better place.

Tee It Up for a Cause With J&M

The 2018 Give Pack Golf Classic is right around the corner, and this is your last chance to make a lasting memory with J&M Strategic Consulting! Join us on June 18th at Cranberry Highlands Golf Course as we support local children in equipping them with important school supplies to guide them towards a bright future!

Give Pack is an outreach of Giving Back to Cranberry Township (501C3), an organization focused on improving the lives of people across Cranberry Township and the surrounding communities. Together, we will ensure that over 2,000 economically-challenged K-12 students are ready to excel in the 2018-19 school year! You still have time to bid in our online auction, which offers a chance to play in a foursome with professional hockey players!

Last June, J&M contributed over $10,000 to this event, which helped equip over 1,300 students with new backpacks and supplies. This year, our goal is $20,000, as together with Victory Family Church, we look to make this event larger than ever. The 2018 event has already attracted more golfers than ever before, and there isn’t much room left! This is your last opportunity to be a part of something special!

More than 30 million students nationwide are currently enrolled in a free or reduced lunch program. By coming together, we can improve the lives of many families in our local community! You can learn more about the event and sign up your own foursome by visiting the Give Pack website!

J&M remains committed to assisting the local community and creating opportunity for those in need. We hope you’ll join us on June 18th as we look to establish a better tomorrow, today.

Over 30 Million Students Need Your Help

As noted in a previous post, J&M is proud to be supporting K-12 students as the named sponsor of the 2018 Give Pack Golf Classic on Monday, June 18th. All proceeds will benefit students that are enrolled in free or reduced cost lunch programs at Seneca Valley, Ambridge, and Ellwood City School Districts, as well as residents of Glade Run, Mars Home for Youth, and Pittsburgh youth connected to mission-based organizations.

We are excited to be a part of helping out such an important and nationwide initiative. According to the USDA, 30.4 million K-12 students across the United States were enrolled in their National School Lunch Program (NSLP) in 2016. Established in 1946, the program provides nutritionally balanced, low or reduced cost lunch programs for students of public schools, nonprofit private schools, and residential child care institutions.

The USDA claims 7.1 million children were enrolled in NSLP in year one, and as it expanded, the number of beneficiaries increased substantially. By 1970, 22.4 million students were on free or reduced cost lunches and that number has continued to climb. The goal of this program is to provide children with the best opportunity to learn by enhancing their learning experience through the use of healthy, balanced lunches.

J&M Strategic Consulting is committed to the cause in allowing these students to fulfill their potential. We encourage you to join us as we aim to equip over 2,000 of these students with new backpacks and essential school supplies. You can be a part of the event and create an amazing memory by placing a bid in our online auction. To learn more about the initiative or to sign up your own foursome, visit givepackgolf.com.

Thank you in advance for your remarkable generosity! We look forward to meeting you at the event!

Golf with Professional Hockey Players in Support of Give Pack

Would you or someone you know like to hit the links with professional hockey players? Visit our Auction Site today and bid for a chance to fulfill a hockey fan’s dream!

You could win a twosome of golf for you and a friend to play with two hockey pros with ties to the Pittsburgh area.

Players include:

  • JT Miller of the Tampa Bay Lightning and John Gibson of the Anaheim Ducks
  • Stephen Johns of the Dallas Stars and Matt Bartkowski of the Calgary Flames
  • Vincent Trocheck of the Florida Panthers and Eric Tangradi of the Detroit Red Wings Organization

Enter your bid and benefit a great cause today!

Event Details

The 6th annual Give Pack Golf Classic event is being held at Cranberry Highlands Golf Course (5601 Freshcorn Road, Cranberry Twp., PA 16066) on Monday, June 18, 2018 at 8 A.M. This event will take place rain or shine.

All proceeds will go to Giving Back to Cranberry Township (501C3), a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people living in Cranberry Township and the surrounding areas.

Why Give Pack?

Every student deserves an opportunity to better his or her future, but not every student has the tools to make this possible.

You can join Giving Back to Cranberry Township (501C3) as we equip more than 2,000 economically disadvantaged school students in grades K-12 with essential tools for the school year. Through Give Pack, students in the Seneca Valley, Ambridge, and Ellwood City School Districts, as well as the residents of Glade Run, Mars Home for Youth, and the Pittsburgh youth connected to mission-based organizations, including Light of Life and Urban Impact, begin the school year ready to excel.

Your partnership provides each student with a new backpack and necessary school supplies, including graphing calculators for those in advanced math classes (STEM).

We believe that having a vision for tomorrow requires us to invest wisely today. Invest with us. Let’s equip our future leaders together.

For more information, email info@givepackgolf.com or visit www.givepackgolf.com.

J&M Raising Money for Local Children

In partnership with Victory Family Church and Giving Back to Cranberry Township (501C3), J&M Strategic Consulting is committed to providing opportunity to over 2,000 economically challenged K-12 students in the Pittsburgh area and beyond. The sixth annual Give Pack Golf Classic at Cranberry Highlands Golf Course on June 18 will raise money to provide those students with backpacks full of necessary school supplies. In 2017, J&M helped raise over $10,000 for the cause, and we are looking to double that for this year’s event!

With your help, we can turn the 1,300 backpacks donated last summer into over 2,000 this summer. Participate in our live auction for your chance to join us at the event and play a round of golf with two NHL players! This is a great opportunity for you to meet some of your favorite hockey players while jumpstarting the future of our youth!

At J&M Strategic Consulting, we strive to make a difference in the community, and the Give Pack Golf Classic provides us with yet another opportunity to get involved. We are beyond excited to be a part of the event once again and look forward to seeing you there! Thank you in advance for your generosity and support!

Professional Development in a Small Company

by Natalie Miller

Starting out with J&M around two years ago, Jen and Mike gave me the exposure to different parts of J&M so that I could choose what I liked best and run with it. They provided guidelines on how they wanted me to do things, and they gave me free range to make it my own. Through all my experiences here, it has taught me that I can feel confident in anything that I do by just trusting in myself and withstanding J&M’s Vision & Values. I never knew what to expect as I jumped into all kinds of new tasks, but I was motivated to find my forte.

Project Management is a large part of J&M and the consulting industry, and I gained exposure to this right away with the task of building the website. This project introduced me to all sides of Project Management and the different people I would be interacting with to successfully complete it. At first, I was uncomfortable in this role, but the people I was working with were very supportive and wanted me to succeed. It was difficult at times, especially because of J&M’s commitment to excellence, but this experience provided me with tools to excel as a professional.

  • Timeline planning and budgeting
  • Communication skills between client and company
  • Determining project scope

Now, I wanted to strengthen my people skills, and the opportunity to manage J&M’s summer intern was the perfect experience. I wanted to inspire both of us to be our best and this experience put my leadership skills to the test. It taught me the importance of patience and gaining an understanding for how different people manage their own workload. At first, I found the experience intimidating, but I discovered my comfort zone through the knowledge I gained:

  • Providing feedback and encouragement where appropriate
  • Project mapping
  • Interpersonal communication

I also wanted to try my hand at marketing and sales because I had some creative and fresh ideas thought to enhance the J&M brand as well as my own experience. Although some of these ideas were very effective, I was never crazy about this type of work. It tested my integrity by requiring a lot of tedious solo work, and I felt as if I would be beneficial in another place. However, I am still thankful for this experience, as it expanded my creativity and communication skills.

  • Production of marketing materials
  • Creating new slogans and campaign initiatives
  • Analyzing trends of potential clients – what they want to see
  • Learning how to sell the J&M brand through social media and marketing tools

I believe that each of these experiences have brought me to where I am now and have made me successful as a recruiter. It is my job to maintain communication with people and develop strong professional relationships. Recruiting is way more than just selling a brand; it is selling people. I quickly found a passion in connecting with new people and exploring each new gig to see how we can create a fit. I have pride in this position and providing excellent people with great opportunities, and I would not be here without Jen and Mike’s flexibility at the beginning.


J&M Stepping Up Involvement in 2018

by Koby Uhrig

Last summer, J&M Strategic Consulting sponsored the Give Pack Golf Classic, an event supporting economically disadvantaged K-12 students by providing them with essential school supplies for the year. We are proud to announce that we are extending this partnership, and will be a major contributor once again this season as the event’s name sponsor for the first time. For last year’s event, J&M raised over $10,000, and we are looking to raise over $15,000 for 2018’s fundraiser.

Give Pack is an outreach of Giving Back to Cranberry Township, whose goal is to provide better lives to the people of Cranberry and the surrounding areas. For this year’s initiative, proceeds will benefit students from three school districts and several not-for-profit and mission-based organizations.

J&M maintains its commitment to the community and developing lasting relationships with people who share similar Vision & Values. Our entire team will be at the event on Monday, June 18th at Cranberry Highlands Golf Course, and we would love to see you there! For more information on the event including how to register and donate, visit Give Pack to learn more. 

Olympic Caliber Consulting

by Koby Uhrig

The 2018 Winter Olympics are coming to a close, but our team is still at the top of its game and ready to take on any challenge ahead. For the last two weeks, the nation has come together to watch our best athletes test their talents on the world stage. At J&M Strategic Consulting, we too are celebrating team spirit and placing our abilities on full display.

Similar to Team USA, Our Team at J&M has spent their entire careers preparing to be a part of this team. We all have different roles, but we march together under one symbol and each resemble a specific set of traits. These traits are the J&M Vision & Values and are the backbone for everything that we do. While our experience and expertise may vary, our commitment to the team is unwavering.

Our team is successful because we each understand our roles and support each other in those different roles. Here’s how we view ourselves as an Olympic contingent:

  • Coaches – Executive Team. They inspire us to always be better and constantly encourage us continue down the path to success. We may hit some bumps on that path, but they are there to motivate us and keep us focused on the task at hand. No matter our role, they are focused on us and guiding us to achieve our goals.
  • Biathletes – Strategic Consultant Team. These dedicated individuals are in it for the long haul. They understand that it may take time to reach the objective and are ready to adjust to any setback that may occur. Their experience and professionalism is loud via their ability to multitask and determination to get to the finish line.
  • Curlers – Business Development Team. These individuals utilize their unique finesse to guide and support J&M as it hits the button and approaches its goals. They are always looking ahead and taking advantage of opportunities to allow J&M to grow.

We view each of these roles as equally important and continue to motivate and evaluate each other on how we are tracking. Like Team USA and their fans, we support each other. Through this support, our focus will keep us on top of the podium.