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We’ve all heard that location is critical to a successful business. While this is still true in some industries, most of our jobs can be done remotely. Being able to build a working relationship is more important than sitting in the same building.  In today’s technology driven world, it is cost effective to use online resources to enhance relationships with new and old clients.  J&M believes in the benefits of working with people remotely and creating healthy, long-term business relationships.

No matter the size or type of project, J&M is committed to leveraging its core values to help you succeed.  We want to maximize productivity and over deliver results.  That’s why we take the necessary time to assess all parts of the project.  When working with your business, we ensure that your standards are met and goals are reached.  You likely have multiple assignments ongoing at the same time.  J&M can simplify your business activities by setting a clear path for your entire team on a specific project, completely based on your needs.

Managing a portfolio of multiple projects at one time can make for a hectic workplace and a limited budget.  You may not have complete resources on-site to be able to successfully close out a project, and that’s okay.  J&M will take this into consideration while assessing your needs for the project at hand.  Our experienced consultants can provide you with a convenient off-site plan to please your budget with the same commitment guarantee.  This allows you additional access to resources and connection to a member of our team at the touch of a button.

Here are some of our recent success stories while working off-site with clients:

  • Completely remote
    • J&M upgraded a global network as part of managed services.
  • Remote preparation, on-site execution
    • J&M executed a desktop migration remotely and completed a cutover on-site.
  • Half remote
    • J&M designed an internal rebate web site for a marketing agency.

We have many more examples that we would be happy to discuss. You can see how past clients have reviewed J&M on our Testimonials page.  We are extremely proud of these clients’ views of our company, and some of them originated from remote projects.  In fact, some of our most effective results have spawned from remote work.  We can work with you remotely all the way through a project, or until you request our on-site attention.

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