J&M Welcomes Koby Uhrig as Social Media Consultant


Jen Dodge knew when she met 8-year-old Koby at The Beaver County Ice Rink, that Koby would be an over achiever. “Koby was different than most of his peer hockey players. Don’t get me wrong, he was a goof ball like the rest of them, but was more mature than the other kids. He showed a mature wit in his sense of humor and most people missed his jokes.” By the time he was 12 he already had acquired his hockey officiating certification and reffed his first game in November 2007. “Mike and I have been talking about hiring him for two years or so and wanted to wait for the right timing. We are very excited for what he brings to the team.”

Koby Uhrig is joining J&M Strategic Consultants, Inc. as our Social Media Consultant.  Koby has over two years of professional experience in managing social networks, and is pursuing a communications degree at Bowling Green State University.  He provides our team with the necessary knowledge and experience to enhance J&M’s reach across all social media platforms.

Koby joined the social media team of BGSU Hockey in January 2016, introducing fresh personality and content to the page along with live tweeting Falcon hockey games.  Since joining, the page has increased followers by about 18%, and is expected to surpass 7,000 followers this season.

Away from J&M, Koby works gameday operations for both the National Football League and the Pittsburgh Pirates.  As a Television Timeout Coordinator for the NFL in Pittsburgh, he communicates on the field with league and game officials on the timing and execution of media timeouts.  For the Pirates, he works home games as a 50/50 vendor in their gameday operations department.

At J&M, we are committed to our vision and values that set us apart from other consulting firms.  Koby will enhance our online presence and allow us to build a strong network via his passion and determination to be great.  His ability to balance multiple projects and schedules at once show his commitment to success and we are honored to have him on our team.


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