Welcome Terry Langholdt to J&M

J&M Strategic Consulting is pleased that Terry Langholdt has joined our team as a Strategic Consultant. Terry believes that information technology should be a compliment to your business, not a hurdle. Terry brings 30 years of experience in the IT field. He has seen many generations of programming and systems that comprise the majority of today’s landscape and has a unique point of view in being able to see the value of each stage of adoption.

“Big IT is for all companies, not just for large corporations.  It should be a service that is available and valuable for each business, no matter what the size.”  Terry’s skills have grown and changed throughout his career, beginning with programming, systems and network administration, spending the last 15 years in Management for a major CPG company.

Being able to speak both business and IT is an essential skill in today’s market place.  Knowing how to leverage systems integration to support business objectives is a market differentiator. Terry sees that having a depth of experience managing people, processes, and technology provides the tools for success. 

J&M Values and Vision are what makes this firm stand out from the sea of consultants out there.  Our commitment to those core ideals is our foundation. According to Jen Dodge, “Terry exemplifies our company’s core values of teamwork and excellence in his personal and work life.”

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