Growing Without Compromise

At a recent business leadership meeting, one of the common problems brought up was how to continue to grow while staying true to your values. This is a challenge for any business. In consulting, we see a lot of cultural and geographical differences that make this even more challenging. At J&M Strategic Consulting, we believe that these three steps will support our vision and values as we continue to grow.

  1. Make your Vision and Values personal

The Mission page of our web site, , lists our Vision and Values. Our Vision represents six qualities that will help us succeed. Our Values are traits to support our Vision. Jen and Mike have talked about the J&M’s Vision and Values for years. In the past few months these were formalized, possibly over a glass of wine, and published on our web site to provide our story and to let everyone know what to expect when working with J&M, either as an employee, a contractor, or as a client.

  1. Make Vision and Values part of your culture

From the moment we first talk to a potential employee they are introduced to our Vision and Values. We talk about them in every status meeting, every employee review, and at the end of every engagement. We have engrained our Vision and Values into our daily activities to the point that they are second nature.

  1. Hold each other accountable

Our employee review forms and our project closure document both contain sections that measure how we perform against our Vision and Values. This is done for both the employee and J&M leadership. If there are grey areas, they are discussed and action plans are developed to make sure we uphold our Vision and Values to the highest standard.

We also evaluate new work against our Vision and Values. If we get job requirements that we don’t feel match our Vision and Values, we simply turn down the work. This has happened at least three time in the past six months. This may sound like a bad business decision, but we feel we will be more successful and our clients will be more satisfied with our work if our Vision and Values are not compromised.

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