Is Your GPS Dialed In?

With J&M Strategic Consulting, you will hear a lot about your GPS because we believe that having a clearly defined destination and staying on course are critical to success. Does your company have a GPS? You may not think so, but it does – your strategic plan is your GPS.

Most of the companies we work with have a list of projects they expect to complete and call that list their strategy. Knowing what projects you want to complete sets a direction, but does not define a specific destination. For example, we are headed to the World Cup of Hockey in Toronto in the near future. If we told you we were going to Canada, that would imply our direction, however, does not tell you what our destination is.

People, Process, and Technology with specific skills and purpose to support the business make up your IT department. To mature from having only a direction to a destination, IT needs to be aligned with the business. When IT is not aligned with the business, it cannot be strategic to the success of the company. IT can only be considered strategic when People, Process, and Technology are aligned with business priorities. When projects are aligned with business imperatives, a strategy becomes a powerful tool, not just a list of projects.

Now that you know your destination, it’s time to find your starting point. Just like a GPS calculating the fastest route, it is impossible without knowing the starting point. This is done by assessing how closely aligned your list of projects are with business priorities. The gap is your starting point. If you click on the link below, you will find J&M Strategic Consulting’s approach to helping you find your starting point,

In our next two parts of the trilogy we are going to discuss calculating the best route and staying on course, and how often should you update your GPS?


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